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Financial & Accounting Services

Strong financial metrics, reporting, and leadership are critical for any business, organization, or company to succeed. This is especially true in today’s competitive environment. Warren Whitney provides a variety of project-based and fractional management services serving the greater Richmond area and the state of Virginia. Our goal is to help businesses improve fiscal responsibility, financial reporting, and operational efficiency. We help companies prepare for growth. Our financial and accounting professionals typically assist clients with strategic needs. Our strategy experts can also roll up our sleeves to help drive tactics once the strategies are determined.

Fractional Finance & Accounting Roles

Warren Whitney can provide interim leadership assistance for your financial and accounting departments during times of transition, rapid growth, medical or maternity leave, or loss as well as fractional CFO/Controller leadership services. Warren Whitney has been successful in providing transition management due to changes in ownership, including a sale, investment or private equity involvement. We also provide interim financial leadership support in worse case scenarios such as fraud or disasters to help your organization gather evidence through forensic accounting, implement proper accounting procedures and controls, and mitigate further losses. For more stable or mature companies, we provide ongoing and continuous fractional CFO, Controller and accounting roles as long as needed to supplement your team.
• Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
• Director of Finance
• Controller
• Senior Accountant
• Bookkeeper

Financial Consulting & Advisory Services

Whether you are facing a period of management succession or your business simply needs a new strategy for success, Warren Whitney’s consultants can help you lead the way. Let Warren Whitney streamline your accounting practices and help you gain a better perspective of your bottom line. We provide:
• Management Reporting & Executive Dashboards
• Capital Structure & Financing Alternatives
• Organizational Assessment & Development
• Merger & Acquisition or Transaction Readiness
• Integration & Implementation Assistance
• Quality of Earnings (QofE) Analysis
• Due Diligence
• Cash Flow Reporting & Management
• Forecasting & Budgeting
• Process & Internal Controls Review
• Expense Evaluation & Control
• Accounting System Selection, Conversion & Integration
• Forensic Accounting
• Audit Preparation
• Board & Funder Reporting

Meet Our Financial & Accounting Team

Warren Whitney’s financial and accounting professionals have the management and leadership experience you’ve been looking for, as well as the proven ability to build solutions that are customized for your exact financial and accounting needs.

Financial & Accounting Case Study — Interim CFO

After suddenly losing its CFO, a year-round resort needed a quick replacement who could manage financial operations, finish the year-end audit, support planning for a major capital expansion, hire and train a replacement, and understand the member-oriented aspects of the business. Having worked with Warren Whitney on a previous occasion, the client engaged us to serve as interim CFO.

Warren Whitney was able to step into the CFO role quickly and gain an understanding of the work that needed to be done. We spent three days per week at the client’s location. While serving as interim CFO of the organization the role involved:

  • Maintaining the accounting and finance operation
  • Introducing a new general ledger system
  • Initiating and overseeing the installation of a data warehouse
  • Hiring and training a new CFO

In addition to maintaining daily operations, Warren Whitney supported the organization in planning for a major capital expansion project, which included soliciting legal and investment advice regarding plans for a large conservation-easement, supporting a market analysis, and developing a best-use evaluation for support of the conservation easement tax credits.

During our tenure with the organization, we maintained daily operations and, moreover, introduced the new general ledger system, data warehouse, and supported the planning of a major capital expansion project. Warren Whitney supported the hiring of a new CFO, and trained the new CFO to ensure a smooth transition.

“Thank you for taking the time to respond to our needs in a timely manner. I had a very good feeling regarding both your technical capabilities as well as cultural fit. As we go through this transition, we are looking for a "steady hand" to lead our financial effort while noting other organizational areas in need of improvement - I am confident that Warren Whitney will be able to meet these requirements quite nicely.”