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If you have a technology and operations issue on your mind and are considering outsourcing your IT leadership, let’s talk. We’d love to discuss how our fractional and advisory services can support your business. And, as always, there’s no charge for an initial conversation.

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IT Services

An organization’s technology, staff, and vendors should all be fully aligned with strategic objectives and flexible enough to support growth and other changes that naturally occur. Many organizations don’t understand how to plan for or manage technology effectively, and they end up feeling they pay too much for subpar services.

Warren Whitney provides management and technology consulting services to help organizations like yours develop growth strategies, align business objectives, optimize internal processes, reduce operating costs, implement effective technology solutions, and enhance customer interactions.  

We provide an array of interim CIO leadership and project-based IT management services to help businesses improve operational efficiency, adapt to industry changes, and prepare for continued growth. Serving the greater Richmond area and the state of Virginia, our IT professionals typically assist clients with strategic needs, and we can also roll up our sleeves to help drive tactics once the strategies are in place.

Fractional IT & CIO Leadership Roles

Warren Whitney can provide leadership assistance for your IT department during times of transition or change, as well as interim CIO/COO leadership services.
• Chief Information Officer (CIO)
• Chief Operations Officer (COO)
• Director of Information Technology (IT)
• CEO Advisor
• Chief of Staff
• Program/Project Manager

Strategy & Planning

Let our team help you plan for the future and assist your business with:

• Organizational Assessment & Design
• Technology SWOT Evaluations
• Long Range Strategic Planning
• Defining Governance
• Risk Management & Policy Needs
• Turnaround Planning
• Improved Reporting Efficiency

Management Consulting & Advisory Services

From Day 1, our team can step in to assist with your management of internal and external resources, as well as:

• Operational Assessments
• Staff & Resource Management
• Vendor Selection & Management
• Best Practice Policies & Procedures
• Risk Management
• System Selection & Replacement
• Process Engineering & Optimization
• Large Project Oversight & Management
• Expense Evaluation & Stabilization
• Information Management & Reporting
• Process Evaluation & Management

Meet Our IT Team

Warren Whitney’s IT professionals have significant management and leadership experience, as well as the proven ability to “right size” IT solutions that can help you address your most complex technology needs.

IT Case Study

After several years of underperforming against budget, this nonprofit health care organization engaged Warren Whitney to conduct an operational analysis to identify opportunities for improvement in operations and their potential impact on the financial position of the organization.

Warren Whitney began the process by interviewing the employees about their job duties, perceptions, and ideas about the organization. Next, we analyzed the number of people served, the cost of serving each category based on the type of services received, and the allowed reimbursement by payer for each type of service. The analysis highlighted areas where the cost of services exceeded reimbursement. Additional analysis determined the reason for the gap and whether it would be possible to adjust operations to close the gap. In addition to identifying a number of expenses that were not being managed to meet the needs of the organization, Warren Whitney determined that changes in the industry were making this type of model increasingly difficult to sustain, even when resources were managed tightly.

Working together, Warren Whitney and the president developed a new model for providing care that substantially changed the organization’s business model, reducing overhead expenses and collaborating with other organizations to ensure that patients received excellent care within reimbursable limits. The organization has made the operating changes required for the new business model. It is currently implementing the new model of service and testing its acceptance within the funding community.

“It was a great pleasure working with you too. Your recommendations have given a much needed objective outsider perspective to our growth over the past several years, and have helped to provide a framework for moving forward in the most proactive manner possible.”