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The question “What’s best for the client?” is at the heart of every Warren Whitney engagement.  With that in mind, we determine whether we can bring the right level of expertise to the engagement and, importantly, whether we think we can develop a partnership with the owner, the management team, and the Board.  The most effective consulting engagements are born out of expertise and relationships, always putting our clients at the center of our decision making.

At Warren Whitney, there are three types of consulting roles: fractional leadership, project-based consulting, and advisory consulting. Here is how each option works.

Fractional/Interim Leadership – Our senior professionals consistently serve on your leadership team on an interim or ongoing basis. They take a hands-on operating role, responsible for leading part of your organization – which they fulfill in fewer than five days per week.

They guide in making challenging decisions and bring hands-on management talent. They become your trusted advisor, lead through change, and offer unbiased advice. This is an efficient and cost-effective model when you do not have the expertise in-house and don’t need a full-time position.

Project-based Consulting – Our professionals offer their expert advice to evaluate and solve a particular problem in the areas we serve; Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, and Technology. The final deliverable is their recommendation on how to proceed. We pride ourselves on being available to oversee the execution and implementation of the plan.

Advisory Consulting – Sometimes, leaders just need someone to call who can help them think through an issue or understand a process.  Our team provides advice in the areas they serve, helping organizations solve a problem and provide a solution.

Here are some key benefits your company can gain with our expertise:

Profitability:  We lead your company and take it to the next level by increasing revenue, reducing expenses, and improving overall performance.

Pivot quickly: We are a reliable resource when immediate action is needed because of a sudden event such as a resignation or termination.

Streamline efficiencies: We quickly grasp the big picture and how best to improve processes.

Unique perspective: We are a fresh set of eyes, bringing new ways of thinking and a wealth of knowledge.

Navigate workplace politics: We are a neutral leader to facilitate tough conversations.

Cost-Effective: We save you money by not having to hire a full-time employee.

Educate:  We explain our thought process and rationale to you and empower your team.

Peace of mind: We strengthen your team by adding skills and capabilities you may not have today.