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Our approach to estimating the cost for most engagements is straightforward.  It is based on the amount of time and the level of experience needed.  Each of our professionals has an hourly billable rate; more experienced professionals and credentials carry a higher rate than others.  Our first step is to determine the level of experience required for your engagement.  Then we estimate the amount of time – either in days per week/month for fractional roles or by developing a work plan and timeline for the project or engagement.

Determining the time required for each project is always challenging, but more than 30 years of experience and work with thousands of clients helps.  Sometimes we recommend starting with an assessment or a high spot review as a cost-effective approach to help you get to know us and to help us understand your situation.  In any case, we are transparent in our billing.  We only charge for time spent, and we do not exceed agreed-upon fees.